How does it work?

your trainer code to be added to the top of the list. You may only submit your trainer code once every 22 hours.

You can and add other player's trainer codes via QR code, or you can copy by clicking on the code.

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Users have been implemented

Hello trainers!

We are happy to announce that we have finally made the step towards implementing user creation! Currently you are able to create an account and link Trainer Codes to your account. This makes it easy to bump your codes on a regular basis, as it allows you to bump all of your linked codes with one simple click of a button!

We are currently working on a friend system where you can add other yellowbumble registered trainers to your friends list, allowing things like planning events together (battling, trading, opening gifts during exp boosts etc.) Ironically, you are currently only able to accept incoming friend requests but you are not able to send friend requests to other people yet; this is the next part that we're working on!

Things we see as priorities to get cracking on:

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The story

Hello friends, trainers and Pokémon communities!

I have only recently started playing Pokémon GO, but before long I was hit by the seemingly famous level 2 special research, which requires you to obtain 3 new friends. As I have very few friends, a quick google search points you towards quite a few resources for friend-less trainers to share their Trainer Codes online with other people. After adding some friends, I didn’t really give it another thought, until I started reading more into the concepts of the game, and how various people play the game differently.

There are an abundance of threads on blogs[1] and on reddit[2] describing how the friend system works, as well as how certain groups of people benefit from them. I ended up being in the group of players that want friends primarily for EXP and achievements.

After giving the available code-sharing websites a try, I couldn’t actually find one that was easy to use. Copy pasting, tabbing in, tabbing out, remembering where I left off... I figured there could be an easier way to do this, so I’ve set up:

The website is aiming to provide the same functionality that other code-sharing websites[3] provides, with the addition of focusing heavily on the QR Codes rather than copying the text itself. I’ve kept the ability to add and bump your code regularly (every 22 hours) to filter out inactive codes.

Forums[4], reddit groups[5][6][7] and Facebook groups[8][9] all provide something far more essential that I'm in no way trying to replicate: the actual interaction with people. These resources currently provide a lot more details about the people sharing the codes than I'm comfortable in chasing on my web app (this is mainly about privacy issues like linking codes to people's Trainer names, real life location etc.). People looking for friends in specific locations might still find blogs, Facebook and Reddit groups more useful.

My main aim here was to be able to bulk-add friends with very little effort. Using your QR scanner in the app can add friends in sub-3 seconds (where the longest time is being spent on load animations). Just open to start scanning the Trainer Codes.

Niantic decided to only embed your actual Trainer Code into the QR tags - because of this, there are no security or privacy issues related to sharing Pokémon GO QR Codes.

I sincerely hope I can at least help out some people aiming to make lots of friends, getting EXP in the process and gift gift gifting!

Thank you for your time,